Spermatorrhoea is a kind of sexual disorder. It is the emission of semen without copulation. In other words, it is an involuntary seminal discharge or it is a condition in which involuntary seminal losses occur frequently that create a morbid state. This is the greatest worry for the young men.Uploaded Image


The main causes of Spermatorrhoea are

  •  Failing of the nervous system
  •  Failing of genital and urinary gland
  •  Frequent masturbatio
  •  Narrowness of urinal duct exit
  •  Over leniency to sexual thoughts
  •  Sexual discontentment
  •  Testicular annoyance because of the stiffness of the forefront skin
  •  Rectum disorders like fissures, piles etc.
  •  Stimulation after the contact
  •  Filled bladder sensation


PHOSPHORIC ACID - Very useful medicine for permatorrhoea.Mainly prescribed when there is great weakness followed by seminal emission. There is weakness in leg with burning in spine worse at night.Given when scrotum and testicles are flabby and penis has no power of erection or the erection are imperfect and the semen escapes too soon during coition.There is formication or  sensation of crawling on the exhaustion.Also given for discharge of prostatic fluid during hard stool and frequently seminal emissions.

CALADIUM - Usefulfor nocturnal emission which occur with or without dreams. There is flabby glans penis.Suited when there is no emission and orgasm in coitus for a long time.

CONIUM MACULATUM - Very effective medicine for Spermatorrhoea with nocturnal emissions brought on by suppression of the natural desire and there are pain in the testicles.Given when emission is brought on by slightest provocation.Suited to the patient who is hypochondriac,melancholic and excitable. Very helpful when emission start on thinking of a sexual act or the sight of an attractive women.There is seminal emissions by mere contact with great weakness of back and spine after emission.

SELENIUM - Useful for night emissions which are too rapid with long lasting thrill. There is great weakness in morning and vertigo on rising in the morning.Given when prostatic fluid oozes during sitting, during sleep, when walking, and during stool.There is great irritability of the sexual organs. Suited to that patient who feels lack of confidence.

AGNUS CASTUS - Useful for spermatorrhhoea of old men who have spent most of their lives in excessive venery. These so called old sinners are just excitable in their sexual passions at 60 as at 18 and yet they are physically impotent.Given when the genital organs are cold and relaxed.There is seminal emissions without erections and scanty emissions without ejaculation.

BUFO RNA - Very effective medicine when the patient  longs for solitude, to give himself up to his vice.There is quick ejaculation, without thrill, with spasms and painful uneasiness of the limbs.There is frequent nocturnal emissions, followed by debility.slow emission, or entirely absent; aversion to coitus; impotence; imbecility with loss of all decency; masturbation or coitus causes convulsions, simulating those of epilepsy, usually followed by profound sleep; inclination to touch the genitals.

STAPHYSAGRIA -Another effective remedy for spermatorrhoea for the bad effects of masturbation where there is great emaciation with dark rings under the eyes and sallow face.Suited to those boy who is shy and gloomy,hypochondrical and permits the mind to dwell too long on sexual subjects.There is irritability of the prostatic portion of the urethra.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM  Lycopodium is prescribed when the patient experiences complete impotency. The erections are absent or imperfect and the genital organs are small, cold and shrivelled and night emission in men without erections. Lycopodium is considered as Old man’s balm.Lycopodium persons prefer warm food and drinks. They have a craving for sweet.

NUX VOMICA -Very important medicine for Spermatorrhoea with constipation.Useful when spermatorrhoea For the bad effects of masturbation Nux vomica is an important remedy. Prescribed when the patient suffers from headache.There is frequent involuntary emissions at night , especially toward morning and the digestive organs are weak.Suitable to city men who lead a sedentary life and are alcoholic. There is an irritable condition from sexual excesses , erections taking place, but they are not under control of the mind and may subside at any time during an embrace.