Homeopathy Treatment for Acute Appendicitis

Acute appendicitis is the sudden and severe inflammation of the appendix. It can cause pain in the abdomen and this pain may occur quickly and worsen within hours. The appendix is a narrow tube that attaches to the large intestine.

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1. Patient complains of violent colic that comes and disappears suddenly.

2. Face becomes red as fire.

3. Tenderness in the abdomen is worse on least jar.

4. Pain is throbbing, localized in the ileo-ceacal region

5. cannot bear slightest touch. Very sensitive to even  the touch of bed clothes.

6. Face is red with dilated pupils.


Correct diagnosis should be made at the earliest. The case should be seen by the surgeon under whose guidance medical treatment should be instituted. The pulse should be regularly counted to understand the internal state and progress of inflammation.

Belladonna -Usefull in early inflammatory stage, much before suppuration has set in, that is, when there is generalized pain in the abdomen.Useful when the pains become localized and there are more chances of suppuration.Useful medicine to hasten this suppuration causing the inflamed appendix to burst, resulting in peritonitis. 

Plumbum metallicum -Usefull for violent colic for which patient assumes the strangest postures for relief. Given when pain radiates to all parts of the body.There is violent colic causes the abdominal muscles to retract till the navel seems to press against the spine.

Bryonia alba-There is tederness in abdominal wall.Usefull for burning pains, worse pressure, coughing and breathing. The slightest movement causes great pain. Patient is better from lying on the painful side, pressure, rest and cold things.Helpful for pressure in the stomach after eating as if , of a stone. Epigastrium is sensitive.

Magnesia phosphorica -Usefull for spasmodic cramping of stomach, nipping, griping and pinching with belching that does not relieve.Also useful for flatulent colic that forces the patient to bend, better by warmth and rubbing.