An individual gets fever with bodyache after getting heated in the sun and then getting wet in the rain while still perspiring.

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Management and Treatment

Bryonia alba fever accompanied by the typical headache, thirst and intolerance to motion. The body is dry, hot. This febrile state often accompanies some inflammatory processes in various organs and tissues. We also find the Bryonia alba is indicated for sudden chilliness after a midday nap. With confusion in the head, or while walking in the heat, mostly towards the evening, with thirst and hot, red cheeks. In typhoid fever, it is often indicated in the early stages with occipital headache, furred tongue, thirst and abdominal soreness; also indicated in typhoid marked with gastro-hepatic complications.

Rhus toxicodendron includes ailments from getting wet while still perspiring. Creeping chilliness on raising in the morning and in the afternoon with heat and malaise. This is an important indication of rhus toxicodendron. There is stretching and drawing in the limbs. With the fever, there is a dry, teasing cough. External chill with internal heat, paroxysms of stretching and yawning, frequently accompanied by urticaria. It is frequently indicated in typhoid fever.

Eupatorium perfoliatum has distressing bone pains, with general and periodicity. Restlessness; soreness of muscles and bones with changing periodicity. There is intense thirst but drinking causes vomiting. With the development of temperature, it is necessary to examine the skin for any eruption developing on it.

Gelsimium sempervirens patient experiences an onset of fever after a sudden change of weather from hot or dry to damp.  There is much muscular soreness, great prostration and headache. Trembling, patient therefore wants to be held. Fever with stupor, dizziness, faintness, thirstlessness and prostration.