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Homeopathy Treatment for Epiphora

Epiphora is a condition where there is excessive watering of eyes, clinically the condition constitutes insufficient tears drainage from the tear drainage system (i.e. Nasolacrimal system).

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Causes of epiphora:

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Causes of Epiphora are as follows

-Eye irritation and inflammation

-Obstruction in the tear outflow tract

-Aging may be one of the reasons for the watering of the eyes.

-Common Cold.

-In neonates and infants, failure of the nasolacrimal duct to open.

-Poor reconstruction of the nasolacrimal duct system after trauma to the area.

-Facial fractures (soft tissue trauma)

-Lids disorder (ectropion - lids turn inwards and ectropion lids)


Epiphora is diagnosed by clinical observation, history and presentation of the lids.

Fluorescein dye (to detect the obstruction).

Usually the management of epiphora is done by surgery:

If the Epiphora is due to lid disorder ie, (ectropion - lids turned inwards or ectropion - lids turned outwards), then lid repair is indicated, punctual irrigation is also required. In infants with nasolacrimal defects, a nasolacrimal duct probe is used and a tube replacement, either temporary (Crawford) or permanent (Jones), is carried out. A surgical procedure called dacryocystorhinostomy is done to join the lacrimal sac to the nasal mucosa in order to restore lacrimal drainage.

Homeopathic treatment for epiphora:

Temporary symptomatic relief may be achieved for a short time using homeopathy. Long-term benefit may not be achieved. Homeopathy is not recommended for epiphora.

Homeopathic Medicine:

Euphrasia, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla, Allium Cepa