Homeopathy Treatment for Varicose veins

Varicose veins is a condition where patients present with dilated, tortuous and elongated veins, especially on the legs. However, any vein in the body if gets twisted, stretched out or looses elasticity, could be labeled as varicose.

The veins have certain valve like mechanism which allows the blood to move upwards toward the heart. The valves have leaflets. When the leaflets loose their elasticity, the valves loose their capacity to push blood upwards.Hence there is a back pressure which leads to further elongation of the veins. The veins also have reduced elasticity. As a result, the veins get ‘tortuous’ or twisted; as well as hardened. The veins, thus, become visible as zigzag vascular tubes, especially on legs.

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  • Occupational: Standing long hours
  • Genetic tendency
  • Deep vein thrombosis: A condition which affects the valves of veins
  • It might get triggered during pregnancy and due to obesity


  • Painfulness of legs
  • Visible tortuous veins on the legs (of affected parts) (See photo.)
  • Swelling of legs and ankle
  • Restless leg syndrome (due to pain.)

Bleeding due to minor injury   


ARNICA : Usefull for varicose vein with pain,bruising and swelling associated with trauma.Given when varicose vein cause as a result of surgery or overexertion.

CALCAREA CARB : Useful for varicose veins that hurt while the person is standing or walking.There is poor circulation, with clammy hands and feet, and a general feeling of chilliness.Useful for weak or flabby muscles and be easily tired by exertion. There is weight problems, cravings for sweets and eggs.There is tendency to feel anxious or overwhelmed 

CARBO VEG : Useful for varicose vein with poor circulation with icy coldness of the extremities.There is mottled skin with distended veins and a bruised or "marbled" look.Suited to person when legs feel weak and heavy, and often itch and burn. Also useful for poor digestion with a feeling of faintness.There is craving for fresh or moving air.Helpful medicine for older people, or those who are slow to recover from an illness.

PULSATILLA : Useful for vericose vein with swollen veins in the legs, and sometimes even in the arms and hands.Given when varicose veins in the legs feel hot and painful at night, with heaviness and weariness. Symptoms are worse when the legs are hanging down without support, and worse from warmth.Helpful for varicose veins that develop during pregnancy.e.t.c