Homeopathy Treatment for Rotator cuff injury

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The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, keeping the head of our upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can cause a dull ache in the shoulder, which often worsens when we try to sleep on the involved side.

Rotator cuff injuries occur most often in people who repeatedly perform overhead motions in their jobs or sports. Examples include painters, carpenters, and people who play baseball or tennis. The risk of rotator cuff injury also increases with age.

Many people recover from rotator cuff disease with physical therapy exercises that improve flexibility and strength of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint.

Sometimes, rotator cuff tears may occur as a result of a single injury. In those circumstances, medical care should be provided as soon as possible. Extensive rotator cuff tears may require surgical repair, transfer of alternative tendons or joint replacement.


The pain associated with a rotator cuff injury may:

  • Be described as a dull ache deep in the shoulder
  • Disturb sleep, particularly if one lie on the affected shoulder
  • Make it difficult to comb hair or reach behind back
  • Be accompanied by arm weakness


Rotator cuff disease may be the result of either a substantial injury to the shoulder or to progressive degeneration or wear and tear of the tendon tissue. Repetitive overhead activity or heavy lifting over a prolonged period of time may irritate or damage the tendon.


Without treatment, rotator cuff problems may lead to permanent loss of motion or weakness, and may result in progressive degeneration of the shoulder joint. Although resting the shoulder is necessary for recovery, keeping the shoulder immobilized for a prolonged time can cause the connective tissue enclosing the joint to become thickened and tight (frozen shoulder).


FERRUM MET : Very useful for right-sided rotator cuff tears and will also work on left-sided injuries. It actually fixes the where it is used, surgery can be avoided.

RUTA G : Useful for rotator cuff with deep aching pain of tendons, ligaments, and loss of elasticity of muscles and tendons.

ARNICA : Useful for rotator cuff with musculoskeletal pain and swelling to treat shoulders and number of other problems involving pain and injuries.

BRYONIA : Useful for rotator cuff with painful movement. Useful when arm and shoulder feel too weak to move. There is burning and tearing pain and the shoulder feels pulled out of place.Useful when pressure relieves the pain so that he is most comfortable when lying on the injured shoulder.

CHELIDONIUM : Useful for rotator cuff when movement is painful.There is rigidity and the muscles are more in spasm. Useful wh afraid to move; Chelidonium cannot move. Painful right shoulder. Unable to use the arm. The pain may extend from the shoulder to under the scapula, and there may be a stiff neck.

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