Homeopathy Treatment for Osteomalacia

Osteomalacia is a weakening of the bones.It is a gradual softening and bending of the bones, caused by severe vitamin D deficiency. The softened bones of children and young adults with osteomalacia can lead to bowing during growth, especially in weight-bearing bones of the legs. Osteomalacia in older adults can lead to fractures.


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When osteomalacia is in its early stages, might not have symptoms, although signs of osteomalacia might show on an X-ray or other diagnostic tests. As osteomalacia progresses,one  might develop bone pain and muscle weakness.

The dull, aching pain associated with osteomalacia most commonly affects the lower back, pelvis, hips, legs and ribs. The pain might be worse at night or when one put pressure on the bones. The pain is rarely relieved completely by rest.

Decreased muscle tone and leg weakness can cause a waddling gait and make walking slower and more difficult.


Osteomalacia results from a defect in the bone-maturing process. Body uses the minerals,calcium and phosphate to help build strong bones, might develop osteomalacia. If  dont get enough of these minerals in diet or if  body does not absorb them properly. These problems can be caused by:

  • Vitamin D deficiency

  • Certain surgeries. 
  • Celiac disease. 
  • Kidney or liver disorders. 
  • Drugs.


The risk of developing osteomalacia is highest in people who do not get enough dietary vitamin D and have little sun exposure, such as older adults and those who are housebound or hospitalized.


Osteomalacia caused by inadequate sun exposure or a diet low in vitamin D often can be prevented by getting enough vitamin D.

  • Eat foods high in vitamin D. Uploaded Image
  • Take supplements, if needed. 


SILICEA : Useful for osteomalacia for nervous, easily tired, very chilly and tend to sweat at night. Suited to that patient who  have a refined or delicate appearance and often have weakness in the spine.Given when injuries are slow to heal.There is tendency to have a low resistance to infection. 

SYMPHYTUM : Very useful for osteoporosis where fractures often occur from mild trauma.Useful for strengthening and healing bones when new fractures. Also helpful when pain persists in old, healed fractures.

CALCAREA PHOS : Very useful for osteoporosis with stiffness, soreness and weakness of the bones and joints.There is aching in the bones of the neck, upper back, and hips can be distressing.Also there is deep tiredness especially after exercise.There is feeling of dissatisfaction and a strong desire for travel or a change of circumstances 

PHOSPHORUS : Helpful for osteomalacia to those people who are sensitive, suggestible, imaginative, but easily tired or weakened physically.Given when weakness is often felt in the spine, with burning pain between the shoulder blades. Suited to those people who need this remedy are often tall and thin with an easily-flushing face.There is desire for refreshing foods (especially ice cream) and strong thirst for cold or carbonated drinks