Homeopathic Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is considered as the most common type of arthritis. The disease causes limited range of motion, joint pain, and stiffness which affect daily living activities. Osteoarthritis is caused by progressive deterioration of joint cartilage. Typically, osteoarthritis develops gradually.


  • Joint soreness after inactivity or periods of overuse of a joint
  • Stiffness after rest and disappears quickly as activity begins again
  • Morning stiffness lasting no longer than 30 minutes
  • Joint pain which is less in the morning and stronger at the end of the day following activity
  • Muscle atrophy around joints caused by inactivity can increase pain
  • Pain and stiffness can affect posture,coordination and ability to walk
  • Joints of the knees,hips,fingers, lower spine, and neck are most commonly affected by osteoarthritis.
  • Pain in the groin, inner thigh, or buttocks and a pronounced limp
  • Signs of knee osteoarthritis may include pain exacerbated by moving the knee, knee locking or catching, pain when standing up from a chair, pain when going up and down stairs, and weakening thigh muscles
  • Signs of osteoarthritis of the fingers may include pain and swelling of the finger joints, the presence of Heber den's nodes or Bouchard's nodes, enlarged joints, and problems with manual dexterity
  • Signs of osteoarthritis of the feet may first be revealed by pain and tenderness in the large joint of the big toe. Certain shoes, such as high heels, can provoke pain in osteoarthritis feet too

Osteoarthritis of the spine occurs when there is deterioration of spinal discs. The breakdown can cause osteophytes (bone spurs) to develop. The neck and lower back are stiff and painful. Pressure on nerves in the spinal cord can cause pain radiating to the neck, shoulder, arm, lower back, and legs or numbness in arms and legs

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1. Injury, occupation, excess weight, and genetics are among the factors which cause the cartilage of a joint to wear away.

2. Age above 50 years,

2. High amount of minerals in the bone,

3. Long-term immobilization of the joints

4. Injury to the joints, obesity and prolonged stress to the joints (such as those due to occupation or sports).

5. Chronic degeneration of the supporting tissues of the joints

6. Abnormal formation of the bone at the joints ultimately resulting in narrowing of the joint space.


overweight, age (usually affecting middle age to older people), injury and genetic predisposition to osteoarthritis.


Bryonia Alba : Excellent remedy for osteoarthritis with pain and inflammation which is aggravated by movement and relieved by moderate pressure and rest. There is inflammation of joints which are hot and swollen.

RhusTox : Useful for osteoarthritis with recurring attacks due to getting chilled.Useful for rheumatism caused by damp weather and worse in damp climate.There is restlessness and pains which are worse on first motion, better by continued motion

Kali Carb : Very useful for osteoarthritis with stitching, stabbing and burning character of pain which is relieved temporarily by cold application and not by rest or motion.Also useful for backache accompanied by great weakness

Arnica : Useful for osteoarthritis with a feeling of bruised soreness.Given when pain is worse from touch, and may occur in joints that were injured in the past.

Ruta Graveolens : Useful for osteoarthritis with a feeling of great stiffness and lameness which is worse from cold and damp, and worse from exertion.Useful when osteoarthritis which may have developed after overuse, from repeated wear and tear.

Kalmia : Useful for osteoarthritis with intense arthritic pain that appears quite suddenly especially when the problems start in higher joints and extend to lower ones.There is pain and inflammation often start in the shoulder, moving to the elbow, wrist and hand.Given when discomfort is worse from motion and often worse at night.

Apis Mel : Helpful in acute conditions with redness,tenderness and swelling.Gven wen Joints feel hot and have stinging pain.The hands and knees are often affected.Recommended when warmth can aggravate the symptoms and cool applications bring relief.

Calcarea Fluorica : Useful for Osteoarthritis with pains that are improved by heat and motion.Given when joints become enlarged and hard, and nodosities or bone spurs may develop. Useful for arthritis after chronic injury to joints