Ganglia are cystic swellings occurring usually on the hands, especially on the dorsal aspect of the wrists.

Ganglion cyst is a noncancerous lump that mostly develops within the hand and wrist adjacent to joints or tendons. The cysts develop at the top side of the wrist, at the base of the finger on the palm side, the palm side of the wrist, and at the top of the last joint of the finger. In some cases, ganglion cysts may also occur in the ankles as well as feet.

 Ganglion cyst is normally small, round and generally painless. Sometimes it causes pain also It often looks like a water balloon on a stem and is generally filled with transparent fluid or gel.Uploaded Image

 However, these can cause pain if they press on a close by nerve.


The most accurate cause of ganglion cysts is yet unknown as no one knows that what causes a cyst to grow. However, they might form due to a joint or tendon irritation or mechanical changes. These cysts grow out of a joint or the lining of a tendon, resemble a tiny water balloon on a stalk, and possibly develop in case if the tissue.


Ganglia are evident on examination. Because they are cystic, they transilluminate. Another type of mass (that is solid) on the dorsal wrist occurs in patients with inflammatory tenosynovitis or rheumatoid arthritis; it is easily differentiated by its soft irregular appearance, its lack of transillumination, and its association with proliferative extensor tenosynovitis (ie, it moves with tendon excursion during flexion and extension of the fingers).

imaging tests like X-rays, ultrasound or MRI, to rule out the possibility of other conditions, like arthritis or a tumor.


RUTA GRAVEOLENS : Ruta graveolens is one of the top remedies for dissolving the ganglion cyst. It is considered a specific remedy for ganglion cyst. There is pain and stiffness in wrists and hands.

CALCAREA FLOUR. : Calcarea flour is excellent for pain in hands and fingers due to ganglion cyst, especially when the ganglion is formed on back of wrist. This medicine is very effective when the ganglion causing a nerve compression. It can ease out the pain.

BENZOIC ACID : Ganglion cyst with swelling of the wrist. There is tearing and stitching pain. Benzoic acid patient urine is hot, dark brown, strong foul odor of horse urine. Gouty deposits in joints.

SILICEA : Silicea is effective for ganglion cyst which occurs on the back of the wrist. Paralytic weakness of the hands. Presence of offensive sweat on hand helps the selection of Silicea.

RHUS TOX. :  Pain tend to get worse during rest. The pain also worsens by cold. In some cases, bending the wrist also tend to worsen the pain. Motion relieves the pain in wrist.

ARNICA : Ganglion cyst where a history of injury to the wrist is present. The wrist is painful in such cases. Tearing or drawing pain in the side of the hand.